What We Are

"If there’s any industry that has the potential to elevate and re-invent itself every day, it is IT Industry. At ACI®, we are driven and consumed by the passion for empowering governments, organizations, and professionals of this giant industry with systems, standards, and benchmarks that make growing easier and surer to happen."

Interestingly, we began our life as the world’s very first agile standards body focused on all aspects of an enterprise and not just on development of software. Project Managers have a great deal of responsibility - milestones to hit, customers counting on quality deliverables, and executives asking for fast, accurate information. As teams grow bigger, these responsibilities become more complex and difficult to manage. This market need is driving increased adoption of agile methods everywhere. As the scale of agile adoption increases, there is a need for managing all aspects of an agile enterprise and ACI® is the only body which provides comprehensive standards for all aspects of the agile enterprise.

We lead the evolution and establishment of excellence and quality standards for enterprises as well as for professionals in the agile IT Industry across the planet. We thrive in our continuous efforts to set new paradigms, which agile companies adopt to improve their product development/service delivery systems and performances. We work tirelessly to diffuse and propagate the most comprehensive sets of best practices and standards.