What We Do

"There’s nothing more exciting and challenging than leading a phenomenon. At ACI®, we are doing that every moment... trying to help IT organizations transcend to a status where the world is securely hinged to it, making living more affordable and better... and people, happier than ever, across the planet. Incidentally, ACI® happens to the first and only certification body to provide enterprise level Agile certifications and professional certifications for most agile methods like Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban etc"

We design, prescribe, promulgate and promote the "best" in the global agile Standards. We advise governments, supranational industry bodies and corporations on standards of professional competence and enterprise excellence in usage of agile methods. We are the world’s foremost body on micro-research on agile competence, talent management, and service delivery dynamics in the IT Industry. Indeed, we offer the most thoroughly-bred certification programs for IT Professionals cutting across Product Development and Service domains that so obviously reach far beyond traditional certifications and cut into the most advanced forms of agile project management application including, for instance, the more cerebral domains of hybrid methods and large scale enterprise applications.

We also develop and implement excellence standards for the three most business-critical sub-systems of an agile oriented company - Product Development, Talent Development and Process Improvement. Our APDQ® (Agile Product Development Quality), ATDQ® (Agile Talent Development Quality) and APIQ® (Agile Process Improvement Quality) Enterprise level certifications are based on PDMS Release 1.0 (Product Development Master Standards Release 1.0), TDMS Release 1.0 (Talent Development Master Standards Release 1.0) and PIMS Release 1.0 (Process Improvement Master Standards Release 1.0) - the first standards of their kinds dedicated to the agile service enterprises, both small and big.

Our Agile Competence Certifications create, the world’s very first structured body fabric of IT industry-specific qualifications covering all roles in a typical agile IT organization - Agile Practioners, Team Members, Scrum Masters, Product Managers etc. The various certifications are - AAP®, ASM®, APO®, and ASAP®. ACI Certificants have to qualify the most stringent candidacy norms and assessments prescribed under the Agile Competence Master Standards (ACMS Release 1.0) by the Agile Professional Certification Council (APCC). These certification programs today are available in more than 120 countries.