TDMS 1.0

Talent Development Master Standards

One successful Agile project does not assure sustained Agility within an organization. Sustained agility requires grooming and cultivating all teams including the Agile teams to adopt Agile and deliver value to the customers every day.

Agile Talent Development Master Standard (TDMS 1.0) provides guidelines to ensure that proper Agile processes and practices gets followed to nurture and grow talents in an Agile environment.

TDMS 1.0 address the needs of both a simple collocated ideal Agile team and scalable, distributed programs team which want to implement Agile seamlessly. The primary job of leaders and managers is to develop people.

TDMS 1.0 provides a guidance for implementing the right processes and policies to systematically implement and nurture leadership and the teams to practice Agile.

TDMS 1.0 standards along with Enterprise Certifications (ATDQ-03 and ATDQ-15) provide a comprehensive framework for organization to nurture and sustain Agile culture within the organization.