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Research shows that a Certification from ACI, can increase your earnings by 15%, compared to a non ACI certified professional. In addition, you will

  1. Enhance your knowledge and recognition
  2. Earn more than your current salary
  3. Enjoy better career opportunities
  4. Globally recognized brand
  5. Join the community of fastest growing Agile Network

*Source: ACI Certification Salary Survey - 2013

“My AAP® credential from ACI® have given me a significant professional edge. Credentials are a great career propeller. Employers look for assurance that you are credible and that they can depend on your professional knowledge & expertise. At GE, my AAP® credential- reassures my customers that they can rely on me for efficient management of their development work.”

“Though I was always working in an agile process environment with better-than-peer abilities, I still felt I needed a very special Agile-focused qualification if I wanted to break the glass ceiling and accelerate my growth. The ASM® program fit in my scheme of things perfectly as there's nothing as rigorous and as global as ASM®, as this qualification is from ACI®. Today, I am viewed with a greater respect by my peers and superiors and I am able to deploy global best-practices of agile more easily at my workplace.”

“Five years into the most challenging of my agile product management experience, I always still felt I needed an agile-specific qualification for product management that proved my expertise as a product management specialist and expand my career possibilities. That's why I was thrilled to get an opportunity to do the APO® Certification program of ACI®.”

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ACI certifications require that you have to undergo training before you can appear for the ACI certifications, in addition to various other requirements mentioned in the credential handbooks. ACI, in line with the various statutory and international governance norms does not provide trainings, but has partnerships with thousands of training organizations (ACI RCPs) around with the world who provide excellent Instructor led training programs in more than 6000 locations around the world. If you do not have a RCP near your location, you can take up online training from any of our RCP's worldwide which would also suffice as a training requirement for appear for the ACI credential examination.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ACI certification cost lower than others?

ACI uses the latest technology in certification test taking based on "Live Remote Proctoring" and "Screen Locking" facilities in addition to conducting large scale certification operations which brings down our cost of operations significantly, in comparison to similar project management bodies which are still using very old technologies which are expensive and ineffective. We pass on some of these advantages to you, our certifications takers.

What are the various means of Authentication in ACI certifications?

ACI believes in very rigorous standards for its certification aspirants and has kept in place multi layered authentication, in line with various global test taking standards advocated by ISO, ANSI etc. Some of these are listed below

  • a) All certification providers will be providing photo Identity proof (Usually issued by your local government). This will be matched against the test taker during the test taking.
  • b) The entire test taking is done under a "Live Remote Proctoring" done remotely by a web camera.
  • c) The entire test taking procedure is recorded by a webcam for third party auditing.
  • d) The thesis submitted is verified for "Lack of Plagiarism" by our technology.

These ensure the highest level of authentication for ACI certifications while still providing convenience to the test takers.

What is the brand value of ACI certifications?

ACI is the fastest growing certification body in the last one year. Considering that we are relatively younger, we are humbled by our acceptance from the Agile community at large and will continue to provide value to the Agile community.

For more FAQ’s, please visit the individual certification page