Registered Certification Provider

ACI® Registered Certification Provider

Agile Certification Institute (ACI®) Registered Certification Providers (R.C.Ps) are organizations that have been approved to provide training in the various Agile Project Management methodologies espoused by ACI® whose training programs have been approved to be valid to take up ACI® certifications. In addition, R.C.Ps have authority to provide ACI® certification vouchers and collect fees directly from the credential seeker.

To earn the designation of an R.C.P, a provider has to meet stringent criteria. We cannot guarantee that every R.C.P provides satisfactory programs, but we do quality verification once in four years. R.C.P organizations include commercial training providers, colleges and universities, corporations, government and state agencies.

ACI Registered Certification Providers (R.C.P.s) are officially authorized organizations to offer Scrum and Agile trainings which are recognized by ACI®. R.C.P.s will enjoy several exclusive benefits from ACI®. The benefits of becoming our RCP and the procedures are presented in the various sections.

Benefits to ACI® RCP

Additional Revenue Stream

You will be allowed to provide Knowledge Points (KPs) required to be obtained by all ACI® credential holders every 4 years to maintain their certification status. These can be done by either online or instructor led classes

Discounted Publications

You get access to various Master Standards published by ACI® and these can be resold by your organization. The discounts vary from 25% to 50% based on volume. Our Master Standards are available for Scrum, Agile, Kanban, Lean Software Development, SAFe Agile methods

Access to RFPs from corporates

ACI® does not engage in any training and any RFPs from organizations from corporates for trainings will be provided to R.C.Ps and provides a huge revenue opportunity at no cost to you.

Get more students

Our marketing will popularize your courses on the web and drive traffic to your programs and you do not have to spend in marketing and SEO.

The additional students will generate huge money for you.

Wide Industry Appeal

ACI®’s wide acceptance provides you with huge opportunity to leverage the market potential for various Agile certifications. ACI® recommends that ACI® credential aspirants should preferably get training from R.E.P.s to successfully pass different ACI® certification exams

Pan Agile Certifications

We are the ONLY certification body on this planet to provide Pan Agile certifications for most of the Agile methods like Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and Lean Software Development methodologies.

Accelerate your business

Boost your business with our hassle free and risk free offerings where you earn additional revenue streams on trainings, sale of master standards and certification vouchers.

Access to Planet ACI

Planet ACI® provides you with an easy-to-use exclusive portal to manage training-related activities and coordination with ACI®. You will get access to marketing material collateral, managing RFPs, network with other R.C.Ps etc.

How to become an RCP?

ACI® provides with a simple registration process.
  1. Organization fills in an online application form indicating interest to become ACI® R.C.P and indicating the number of pre-paid vouchers desired.
  2. Your application status will be communicated within a week of your filing of interest.
  3. If approved, you will pay the discounted pricing for the ACI® certification vouchers. Payment should be made within 2 business days.
  4. Upon payment, Planet ACI® portal access is created and vouchers are awarded to the organization.

RCP Categories

Individual experts: Professionals engaged in the profession of teaching or coaching like Agile coaches, Free lance trainers etc

Training organizations: Organizations whose main business is to provide training services.

Colleges & Universities: Any government or private colleges, universities and institutions imparting education or any degree courses.

Companies: organizations whose main line of business is neither training nor education.

How does RCP work?

Planet ACI® is designed to make your business hassle free and easy to integrate with us. Planet ACI® allows you to do various activities easily right through your computer. Some of the activities on planet ACI® you could do include.

Requesting ACI® Certification vouchers: Planet ACI® will allow you to place orders for more ACI® certification vouchers in a easy and seamless manner.

Placing orders for ACI® Master Standards: You can order any number of ACI® master standards and these will be delivered to your shipping address. The ACI® master standards available include

  1. Accredited ScrumMaster Master Standards (ASMMS) - Definitive set of Master Standards for the Scrum Method. The planet’s first and ONLY definitive guide to Scrum methodology.
  2. Accredited Agile Practitioner Master Standards (AAPMS) - Definitive set of Master Standards for the all Agile methods. The planet’s first and ONLY definitive guide for Agile methodology.
  3. Accredited Product Owner Master Standards (APOMS) - Definitive set of Master Standards for the product owner based on Scrum Method. The planet’s first and ONLY definitive guide to Product owner.
  4. Accredited Kanban Practitioner Master Standards (AKPMS) - Definitive set of Master Standards for the Kanban Method. The planet’s first and ONLY definitive guide to Kanban methodology.
  5. Accredited Lean Software Development Master Standards (ALSPMS) - Definitive set of Master Standards for the Lean Software Development Method. The planet’s first and ONLY definitive guide to Lean Software development methodology.
  6. Accredited SAFe Agile Master Standards (ASAPMS) - Definitive set of Master Standards for the SAFe Agile Method. The planet’s first and ONLY definitive guide to SAFe methodology to enterprise scale application.

Announcing your classes on Planet ACI®: You can advertize your courses for free and drive more professionals to your master classes on Agile methodology.

Managing your RFPs and training requests from Individuals: You can manage your RFPs to ensure they do slip through the cracks or you forget about them with our online ERP tools

Integrating your training with the ACI® certification: You can track any post training and ACI® certification process management with Planet ACI®.

Join RCP Program

Training business, like any other, is about volumes and margins. On both these counts, Agile Training is the most-demanded training service today - it can really impact your training business volumes. Also, since third Party Agile certification/credentialing - and an international one - adds tremendous value to a Training offering - and hence offering Certifications can really impact your training business margins. Linkages with Global Certification body like ACI® enhance confidence of your clients and can really impact your corporate brand image and goodwill.

Agile Certification Training opens up several new customer segments for your training business, which can be leveraged for cross-selling of other services. Agile Certification Training helps take relationship with your clients to the next level. ACI® encourages all ACI® certification aspirants to take up trainings from ACI® RCPs. To join the RCP program please click "Join Now" button below.