PIMS 1.0

Process Improvement Master Standards

Management in an Agile organization is different from management in a traditional organization. The traditional management is focussed on outcome. Teams are focused at minimizing costs (people, resources, productivity) and maximize profits. But these methods provide short term benefits but fail in the long run.

Management in an Agile organization is based on continuously improving the current situation. Any problem that comes to the celebrated and looked as an opportunity for improvement. The leadership and the teams are rewarded for continuously questioning the status quo and improve in small increments everyday.

Agile Process Improvement Master Standard 1.0 provides guidelines to nurture and grow an continuous improvement culture Agile environment. PIMS 1.0 address the needs of both a simple colocated ideal Agile team and scalable, distributed programs team which want to continuously improve existing processes.

PIMS 1.0 standards along with Enterprise Certifications (APIQ-06 and APIQ-18) provide a comprehensive framework for organization to nurture and sustain Continuous improvement culture within the organization.