ATDQ-03 - Enterprise Agile Certification for colocated project teams

Agile Talent Development Quality (ATDQ-03) is a maturity certification to assess Talent Development function for collocated Agile projects. The ATDQ-03 assesses the project teams which are collocated and offer Agile services to its stakeholders. The ATDQ-03 certifications are based on Talent Development Master Standards 1.0 (TDMS 1.0) for processes and practices used by Agile Organizations around the world for delivering value day after day to its stakeholders.

ATDQ-03 certifications helps organizations to reassure their clients (internal or external) about the Agile competency of their workforce, talent management practices and the organizations culture of continuous improvement. This certifications is useful for both large and small organizations to assess a particular single location collocated project teams.