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ACI in collaboration with SkillSprint® brings you a three hour Agile training based on a simulated environment where you employ the techniques of discovery learning and games to learn the principles of Agile methodology. This "Agile Training Simulator" is meant to familiarize participants with the concepts, methods and practical techniques of agile software development.

From the history of agile and the fundamentals of strategic planning, through story writing, execution and delivery, the simulator has been designed to take teams through the complete cycle of a typical agile development project.

Facilitated by experts with years of applied agile experience, the simulator will quickly get participants working in teams and practicing agile, through carefully constructed simulations and games that are designed to accelerate learning and reinforce understanding of the Why, How and What of agile development. Participants will leave the "Agile Training Simulator" with both the theoretical and practical knowledge required to begin immediately practicing agile development.

This will also qualify for you to apply for the AAP®, ASM® or APO®, AKP®, ALSP® credential from ACI.


  • More than a learning tool. Not just games; the aim is to educate and inform in an exciting and memorable way, rather than purely academic orientation.
  • Take part in the simulation to get the maximum experience possible, as well as being entertaining, exciting and gaining a new perspective on the Agile world.
  • This has proven to be a very reliable and successful method of training
  • Work around your busy schedule. Enjoy the flexibility and learning opportunities
  • This will allow the participants to gain an overall understanding of the Agile world, and give insights into the type of skills that are necessary to succeed in Agile environment.
  • At 39$ per participant, this is a very cost effective training method.
  • Allow the user to prepare for AAP®, ASM® or APO®, AKP®, ALSP® certification.

Training Content

  • Differences between waterfall and Agile methods
  • Fundamentals of Lean Thinking
  • Agile Manifesto: The four values
  • Agile Manifesto: The 12 principles
  • Overview of various Agile methods
  • Core practices of Agile methods
  • Overview of Scrum Method
  • Scrum Roles, Ceremonies and Artifacts
  • Scalability of Scrum methodology
  • Overview of XP Method
  • XP Concepts
  • XP Practices
  • Agile Communications overview
  • Communications types and details
  • Story Points and Estimation
  • Layers of planning- Epics, features and stories
  • Monitoring tools in agile
  • Backlog Grooming
  • Agile design principles and story maps
  • Decomposing stories and usage of personas
  • Test Driven Development
  • Agile Metrics
  • Agile Leadership techniques
  • Agile conflict resolution techniques
  • Agile contracts

Sample Training Certificate

Simulator Demo

Enroll for Training Simulator

Training is a pre-requisite for taking up any of the ACI® certifications. ACI® prefers that you take training from any of our RCP (Registered Certification providers). The training certificate provided to you by the ACI® RCP is valid for you to attend ACI® certifications without any additional training.

If you have not taken training from any of ACI®-RCP as there is no RCP closer to your place, you can take up our online certification training. To proceed to take up our online training simulator, please press the "Enroll Now" button below.