Master Standards

ACI, as a professional global body designs, prescribes, promulgates and promotes the "BEST" in the Global Agile Standards.

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Professional Certifications

ACI’s Agile Competence Certifications create, the world’s very first structured body fabric of industry-specific qualifications covering all roles.

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Enterprise Certifications

ACI offer the most thoroughly-bred certification programs for both enterprises cutting across product development and service domains.

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In-focus & News

  • ACI® announces an enterprise alliance program which allows organizations with more than 500 people to provide their staff with 25% discount on certification and agile training simulator programs.
  • CES joins Enterprise program with more than 3000 participants
  • Emerson participates in ACI’s Enterprise program
  • Dibold joins our Enterprise program

Revolutionary Exam Technology

Our exam technology for online proctoring providing world-class testing experience while maintaining the exam integrity. This jaw-dropping technology used for the first time on this planet by ACI, will allow you the convenience of taking certification exam anytime anywhere.


  • Allow only registered candidates through verified test-registration process
  • Prevent candidates from navigating away from test window. Block "copy-paste", "print-screen" controls
  • Capture live images through the web camera enabled tests.
  • Prevent impersonation, use of unfair means to ensure complete authenticity and credibility for exam takers etc.